Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Client - Needs Testing

New client is done..but not fully tested yet. It is fully backwards compatible with the old client. The biggest key improvement is the integrated sell feature in the client. Selling and seeding experience is greatly improved.
  1. make torrent tool
  2. create torrent
  3. click sell it on peerit
  4. you will be prompted for your peerit username and password
  5. you will automatically start seeding you item
  6. the client will launch your web browser and bring you to the edit your item page for this torrent
  7. manditory modifications are: description, payment methods, tags, and category


NTEK said...

Are you going to add torrent removal to website as well?

Brian said...

you can remove your torrent by going to the sell modify page, and set the number of licenses to zero.

i just started my new job and am in training for 2 there will be a delay before i get the new client out...once it is out though..i will send out an email to registered users.

Brian said...

got pulled into another project...gonna be a while longer...