Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Client - Needs Testing

New client is done..but not fully tested yet. It is fully backwards compatible with the old client. The biggest key improvement is the integrated sell feature in the client. Selling and seeding experience is greatly improved.
  1. make torrent tool
  2. create torrent
  3. click sell it on peerit
  4. you will be prompted for your peerit username and password
  5. you will automatically start seeding you item
  6. the client will launch your web browser and bring you to the edit your item page for this torrent
  7. manditory modifications are: description, payment methods, tags, and category

Thursday, July 26, 2007

MultipartPostHandler doesn't work for unicode files

I am in the middle of upgrading the PeerIt client to use the latest and greatest bittorrent code. While I am at it, I have decided to make the sell process easier by having the client post the torrent to the web server and start seeding automatically. I feel this will ease the listing process. In order to do this, I need to post a multipart form with the torrent file. Unfortunately urllib2 does not have support for this. was a nice piece of code I found, in order to use urllib2 to do the posting. I need to still use urllib2 in order to maintain cookies which are used by login. Unfortunately this piece of code did not work as is for uploading torrent files. This is because torrent files have unicode characters in them. The following is the that does work with unicode. The fix was to create the header using StringIO instead of plain old string class...

Monday, July 09, 2007

New Client In The Works

One of the biggest bummers about in my opinion is the out dated client. The bittorrent code base that PeerIt client and tracker is currently based off of is 4.2.2. Last night I began completely redoing the client and tracker and basing it off of the 5.0.8 bittorrent code base. This client is much much nicer. One of the big benefits is that it docs in the system tray, and gets launched at startup. Meaning that seeding your items will be come automatic and simplified. Along with this is all the nice eye candy that comes in the new client. Look forward to its release in the coming weeks.