Monday, July 09, 2007

New Client In The Works

One of the biggest bummers about in my opinion is the out dated client. The bittorrent code base that PeerIt client and tracker is currently based off of is 4.2.2. Last night I began completely redoing the client and tracker and basing it off of the 5.0.8 bittorrent code base. This client is much much nicer. One of the big benefits is that it docs in the system tray, and gets launched at startup. Meaning that seeding your items will be come automatic and simplified. Along with this is all the nice eye candy that comes in the new client. Look forward to its release in the coming weeks.


NTEK said...

I'd for one am really looking forward for new client - perhaps Linux version as well? ;)

Brian said...

yes...absolutely. I will release the python source code for the new client.