Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sharing is Caring

This blog was created for the project. will be a distribution channel for digitally deliverable goods. A truley peer to peer community with everything from community, file distribution, and its payment strategy. Community where Buyers are Sellers: relies on the communtiy of sellers and buyers to help each other.
  • A seller posts digitial goods for sale, along with the affiliate rate.
  • A buyer purchases the good, and downloads it via a custom peer-2-peer client
  • Buyer becomes affiliate for the Seller, helping upload to the next purchaser
  • Seller's pay out affiliates based on how much the affilliate has uploaded, and the Seller's affiliate rate
Feedback: Have a great transaction? Buyers can post feedback on sellers. All of the items sold on the site will have their own page
  • See item description
  • See what other purchasers have to say
  • If you have purchased the item, leave a comment
  • RSS feeds
  • Ask sellers a question
  • Read other questions and answers
Get Real Money: does not work with buyer credit or funny money. We are working with cold hard cash. Sellers will recieve cash from their buyers. Buyers will recieve cash from the sellers for helping distribute files to more buyers. Accounting:
  • Accounts Payable
    • Each seller will have an accounts Payable
    • How much is owed to each affiliate
  • Accounts Receivable:
    • Buyer's can make money on their purchases.
    • Money is distributed to the Buyer from the Seller
    • See how much money is owed to you.
    • Which Sellers owe how much for what.

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